Leaders Resources

We are adding resources for the Prayer Leaders who are hosting the hourly online sessions to this section of the website.  There will be documents and media available in many languages.  Thank you to the team of translators who are actively putting this together for us!

Please check back for updates!


GFP Core Values

View the Core Values of the Prayer Room. - Download here.

Weekly Prayer Themes are now available on the Prayer Themes & Partners Page.

A Year of Prayer for the Jews, Israel, and One New Man. (52-Week Prayer Guide)

Note: New prayer themes will be released for the next month a week prior to the 1st of the Month.

Prayer Training

Zoom setup and Admin Training - GFP YouTube Channel

Helpful Prayer and Tech Leader Tools for Zoom Summary

Training Topics:

How to Lead New Covenant Prayer During Your Hour

Honoring Others During Your Prayer Hour

How to Grow Your Prayer Hour with Social Media

Growing Your Prayer Hour Training Overview

How to Grow Your Hour of Prayer

Leading an Hour of Prayer

Engaging: Incorporating Worship in Your Hour

Suggested Prayer Hour Flow - by Topic

Sample Slide Set to help guide a Prayer Faciliator through an Hour of Prayer. This is based on the recommended flow and includes a slide to help guide prayer in these areas: a slide with embedded Worship music, a slide with scripture focused on praying toward movements to Christ, a slide to pray for the Jews/Israel/One New Man/John 17 Unity, a slide for the unreached people group of the day, a slide for prayer for a global city, a slide for prayer for the persecuted church, and a slide to focus on a bibleless people.

Note: You can find the links for the theme, unreached of the day, global city focus, persecuted church focus, and the bibleless people focus for each week Prayer Themes & Partners Page.

Praying God's Word

Pray the Word PDF Booklet written by Dr Jason Hubbard and referred to in our 'Church' Service talk entitled 'Hope Empowered Prayer'.  The video is below:

Unreached of the Day 

Unreached of the Day CalendarWe would encourage you to focus some time each hour on the 'Unreached of the Day' peoples' groups as updated HERE.  There is a page containing the daily widget on the Prayer Room menu on our website that you may like to point your participants to or scan this QR Code to print the Unreached of the Day Calendar by Month.

Prayer Room Protocols

  •  Security Issues:
    • (If no name): Ask them, both verbally and in the chat, to turn video on and rename themselves.
    • Do this twice. If no response, let them know you will remove them from the room
    • If no response, remove from the room
    • ***If Zoom bombing then ask them to stop. If no response (or they don't stop), remove them from the room
    • If there are prayers not aligning with the Bible, we recommend putting the person into the waiting room and communicating  individually with them
  • Attempted Fundraising in the Prayer Room:
    • Indicate to those requesting fundraising that this is a prayer room only
    • For personal prayer requests, recommend emailing the prayer ministry team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or joining the prayer hour after Friday’s church for personal prayer ministry
  • Personal Issues in the Prayer Room:
    • When someone comes into the Prayer Room heavy burdened with personal issues, we recommend these options:
      • Offer a prayer for the individual then if they need more prayer offer to send the individual into a break out room for prayer by two prayer leaders (if you have two trusted prayer leaders available)
      • Private message them and ask for another time to follow up with them and pray.
      • Invite them to join the prayer time on Fridays after church or email the ministry team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Signal Groups:
    • GFP has two Signal Channels:
      • GFP Chat Room: Please use this room for invitations to prayer, prayer requests, general chat, technical help, help with your prayer hour, etc.  (https://tinyurl.com/GFPChatSignal)
      • GFP Announcements Room: Please allow this channel to be for GFP Leadership notifications only. Please keep replies to a minimum to allow for clear communication. (https://tinyurl.com/GFPAnnouncementsSignal)